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Adult ADHD Advice and Resources

Adult ADD/ADHD time management, career, and relationship advice to get organized and get happy while treating your attention deficit symptoms with medication, nutrition, exercise, and alternative therapies.

Adult ADD/ADHD time management, career, and relationship advice to get organized and get happy while treating your attention deficit symptoms with medication, nutrition, exercise, and alternative therapies.

ADHD Adult Life Success!

Follow these four easy steps of successful ADHD adults to succeed at work, and in life. More >>

PLUS: Famous Adults With ADD/ADHD and LD

ADDitude Essentials

Get Fit
End Impulsive Overeating, Lose Weight, and Avoid Obesity
A weight loss guide to help ADHD adults quit impulsive and compulsive overeating.

Exercise: An Alternative ADHD Treatment
How physical activity changes your brain and how exercise can act as an alternative ADHD treatment.

ADHD Diet and Nutrition
What To Eat, What To Avoid
Foods and supplements that are an essential part of an ADHD-friendly diet.

Nutrition, Diet, and Non-Drug Treatment
The impact of nutrition, diet, vitamins, and other non-drug treatments on ADHD symptoms.

Adult ADHD Money Management
ADHD-Friendly Ways to Save Money
14 easy ways for ADHD adults to cut expenses, save cash, and breathe easier.

Get Out of Debt and Manage Your Money
The best money-saving, budgeting, and financial-planning advice for ADHD adults.

Get Organized!
Manage Time, Banish Clutter!
40 expert tips to manage time, battle clutter, and get organized.

ADHD Women: Purge Your Purse!
Organize your purse and simplify your life.

ADHD Adults at Work
Best Job for Your Skills
Make use of your new unique talents and skills in these ADHD-friendly careers.

Reputation Rehab
Make a good impression at work despite common ADDer problems like running late and forgetfulness.

ADHD Adult Relationships
Relationship Problems and Solutions
9 ways ADHD symptoms can cause marriage and dating issues -- and how to solve them!

Social Skills 101
Strengthen existing relationships, make new friends, and improve your social skills with 3 simple strategies.

Living Well With ADHD
Overcome Challenges, Achieve Your Dreams!
Don't let ADHD symptoms keep you from realizing and pursuing your dreams.

Calming Techniques for ADHD Adults
Tips to help adults stay calm, cool, and collected.

Free Printables for ADHD Adults!

Adult ADHD Diagnosis Information
Have you found the best professionals to diagnose and help manage your symptoms?
25 (Humorous) Signs of Adult ADHD
ADD adults share amusing anecdotes about identifying signs and symptoms.
Boost Work Productivity!
Strategies to help you effectively handle ADHD and a challenging job.
Get Organized -- Finally!
10 organization tips to help ADD adults cut down on clutter, free up more time, stop losing keys, and feel better about life.

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Is ADHD affecting your relationship? Identify and resolve common problems in ADHD marriages.

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"I'm in my mid-30s. Where can I meet new people? How can I make friends and form real connections with people my age?" (Read the answer.)

Handling Interview Stress
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"How do other adults handle their inattentive ADD diagnosis?"

To Tell or Not to Tell
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Howie Mandel -- comedian, actor, game-show host -- talks about his experience with ADHD and OCD.

A Hollywood Writer on Life with ADHD
Frank South, who wrestled with ADHD since childhood, spills everything he’s learned about himself, the unaccepting world, and his ADHD brethren.

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